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St. Monica Catholic School

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5635 North Santa Monica Boulevard, Whitefish Bay, WI  53217 | 414.332.3660 | www.st-monica.org


Q: From what area communities does the St. Monica School student body encompass?
A: St. Monica School students primarily come from the surrounding North Shore and greater Milwaukee communities: Bayside, Brown Deer, Fox Point, Glendale, Milwaukee, Mequon, Shorewood and Whitefish Bay.

Q: What is the maximum number of children per class?
A: There are two classes for each grade level. Class size is capped as follows:
K-4 A maximum of 20 students per session (morning and afternoon session)
K-5 A maximum of 22 students per session (extended morning & full day)
Grades 1st – 8th A maximum of 25 students per class (two classes per grade level)

Q: What is the average class size?
A: The average class size is approximately 18 students.

Q: What is the teacher-student ratio at St. Monica School?
A: The current teacher-student ratio at St. Monica School is approximately 1:15. While such ratios may be helpful in assessing a school, they may also be misleading. St. Monica teacher-student ratio is based on the same theory as Wisconsin Public Schools, which incorporates “specials” (i.e. art, music, physical education, etc.) into such ratios.

Q: How do St. Monica School students perform academically versus their public and private school peers?
A: St. Monica School students consistently outperform their public school peers in standardized testing. St. Monica students consistently achieve “Honor Roll” status at the high schools they attend (75% or better of St. Monica graduates achieve honor roll standing at their high schools each quarter). The vast majority (greater than 95%) of St. Monica graduates go on to receive a college education, many from very prestigious Catholic colleges and universities.

Q: Which high schools do St. Monica School graduates attend?
A: St. Monica School graduates typically attend five schools for secondary education:
Divine Savior Holy Angels High School
Dominican High School
Pius XI Catholic High School
Marquette University High School
Nicolet High School
Whitefish Bay High School
University School of Milwaukee

Our graduating class of 2016 included 29 students; below is their high school breakdown:
Divine Savior Holy Angels High School 2
Dominican High School 4
Marquette University High School 6
Nicolet High School 2
Pius XI High School 1
Whitefish Bay High School 10
University School of Milwaukee 3
Other 1

Q: What is the average experience level of St. Monica School teachers?
A: For the current school year, St. Monica School teachers have, on average, exceeded 15 years of teaching experience. St. Monica President, Dr. Anne Rice, is a Kohl Fellowship recipient, considered by many to be one of the highest honors an educator in the state of Wisconsin can receive.

Q: How many St. Monica School teachers have advanced degrees?
A: 35% of St. Monica School teachers possess advanced degrees, with several teachers currently in the process of obtaining an advanced degree.

Q: Does St. Monica School encourage interaction among all grade levels?
A: Yes, St. Monica School absolutely encourages and supports such interaction. This is fostered through the “Buddy Class Program”, in which students in grades K4 – 8th participate. Each school year, a partnership is developed between classes of two different grade levels. This grade-level partnership is maintained each school year so teachers in these grade levels can build a tradition of appropriate and rewarding activities. This program allows for in-school interaction between students of all ages, fosters development of leadership skills and responsibility values, and leads to a greater sense of community and ministry throughout the school campus.

Q: Are there efforts to increase cultural diversity in the student body?
A: By means of its mission, St. Monica School is focused on providing the finest in Catholic education to all of God’s children. To this end, the school welcomes all students. More specifically, the school maintains an educational partnership with All Saints Parish in Milwaukee. This partnership allows All Saints Parish families to attend St. Monica School at the in-parish tuition rate.

Q: How is religious education integrated into classroom curriculum?
A: Religious education is a vital and central part of the curriculum on a daily basis. Prayer is an everyday activity. Formal religion instruction increases in frequency and intensity as students’ progress through grade levels. In fact Jr. High students have 90 minutes of religion instruction per week, which is beyond the Archdiocese recommended instruction time. Regardless of the amount of formal instruction that takes place in a particular grade level, our faith is at the very center of all that our students do at St. Monica School.

Q: Do students attend weekly Mass?
A: Students in grades 1st – 8th attend Mass once per week, every Tuesday morning at 8:30am. During these Tuesday Masses, students minister in various liturgical tasks, including readings and petitions. K5 attends Mass for specific “Buddy Masses” and attend chapel time weekly.

Q: How is ministry and service integrated into classroom curriculum?
A: Ministry and service is an essential part of the overall religious education that all St. Monica School students receive. All grades participate in a Disciple Development program focusing on character traits, service, and leadership in living out our Catholic faith.

Q: Is foreign language instruction offered?
A: Yes. St. Monica School offers Spanish for all students in grades 1st through 8th.
• Grades 1st– 5th Once per week
• Grades 6th Twice per week
• Grades 7th – 8th Three times per week

Q: How often do students in each grade level have “specials”?
A: Art
• K4 Instruction is in the classroom
• Grades K5 – 8th Once per week for a full class period
• K4 and K5 Twice per month (25-minute period)
• Grades 1st – 2nd Every week (30-minute period)
• Grades 3rd – 5th Every week (35-minute period)
• Grades 6tht – 8th Every week (Full class period)
• K4 and K5 Once per week (Full class period)
• Grades 1st – 5th Twice per week (Full class periods)
• Grades 6th – 8th Once per week (Full class period)
Physical Education
• K4 and K5 Twice per week (25-minute period)
• Grades 1st – 2nd Twice per week (40-minute period)
• Grades 3rd – 5th Twice per week (45-minute period)
• Grades 6tht – 8th Once per week (Full class period)
• K5 – 8th Once per week (Full class period)

Q: What technology resources are available at St. Monica School?
A: The St. Monica School computer lab offers students an outstanding array of modern technology resources. Currently, 25 iMacs comprise the computer lab, and two class sized iPad carts are available. All Jr. High students have their own Chrome Books which are utilized in the classroom and at home. Recent technology advancements include upgrades to the wireless network infrastructure to deliver wireless access through the school building.

Q: What type of technology instruction is offered through the computer lab?
A: Students are instructed in Microsoft applications (i.e. Word, Excel and PowerPoint), specific graphic arts software programs (i.e. Kids Pics), and modern-day technology topics (i.e. responsible and safe Internet usage). All grade levels foster cross-curriculum learning opportunities. Students use a variety of educational websites, programs and Web 2.0 tools to reinforce grade-level curriculum and increase technology skills. St. Monica faculty undertook in-service instruction for Google Apps for Education which provides cloud-based storage of student work and encourages cross-collaboration and communication.

Q: What type of instruction is offered through the guidance curriculum?
A: Guidance instruction varies based upon grade levels. K4 and K5 guidance instruction centers on the understanding and use of “feeling” words and the idea that we are all different and yet we are all God’s children. In the primary grade levels, guidance instruction might focus upon inclusiveness and friendship. In upper grade levels, the principles discussed are more complex and begin to prepare students for choices and challenges they will face during their high school years. Consequently, the guidance instruction varies in complexity, intensity and appropriateness, dependent upon grade level. All grades at St. Monica School participate in the school-wide Anti-Bulling Program.
For more specifics, interested parents are welcome to speak directly with Mrs. Stewart, Guidance Counselor.

Q: Is a human growth and development curriculum offered to upper grade-level students?
A: Yes. This program is part of the curriculum and instruction begins with basic principles for fourth-grade students, (i.e. hygiene basics) and evolves for students in 5th – 8th grades. As with the overall guidance curriculum, instruction varies in complexity, intensity and appropriateness dependent upon grade level.

• Mrs. Shumaker teaches Theology of the Body and Catholic teachings for human growth and sexuality.
• Mrs. Stewart teaches the “changing bodies” and feelings and what to expect.
• Mrs. Apel teaches Anatomy and Physiology of the human body.

For more specifics, interested parents are welcome to speak directly with Mrs. Shumaker, Mrs. Stewart, and Mrs. Apel.

Q: What type of activities do students participate in during physical education?
A: The physical education curriculum is divided into units of study. Kindergarten – 3rd grade focus is less unit-intensive and instead emphasizes “mini-units”, games, and general physical fitness development. In grades 4th – 8th, units of study include volleyball, basketball, football, floor hockey, and soccer.

Q: What is the focus of the K4 program?
A: The K4 grade primarily focuses upon social skills needed to be successful in a group and classroom setting as well as giving them a strong academic beginning to be successful in their future years of schooling. Such social skills might include listening, manners (i.e. taking turns, raising hands, not interrupting) and treatment of fellow students. The alphabet, letter sounds, number recognition, counting, early addition and subtraction and beginning writing skills are addressed throughout the year. Each session (morning and afternoon) runs about three hours per day.

Q: Are parents able to be involved in the K-4 and K-5 classrooms?
A: Absolutely! In fact, in K4 Miss Mullaney asks that each family (Mom or Dad) consider assisting in the classroom. This help is invaluable to her, and allows parents a wonderful opportunity to be involved in a hands-on manner. In K5, Mrs. Gonzalez and Mrs. Sullivan also utilizes Mom and Dad helpers with classroom activities, special projects, and field trips.

Q: How do primary grade-level teachers provide aid for students requiring additional reading focus?
A: Primary grade-level teachers work in tandem with St. Monica academic support team. Additional reading instruction is provided for those students who are identified by the classroom teachers as in need of additional assistance. This instruction occurs within the classroom as well as in the academic support classroom both individually and in small groups. The primary focus is foundational reading skills and reading comprehension.

Q: Can you tell me more specifics about the upper grade-level science curriculum?
A: Students in grades 6th – 8th have science instruction in the science lab. The science curriculum is application-driven; appropriate lecture and focus upon textbook content is heavily reinforced with laboratory experiments and “real-world” application of concepts. Students participate in the annual Science Fair held each February. The specific curriculum breakdown is as follows:
• 6th grade: general and physical science
• 7th grade: life science
• 8th grade: chemistry and earth science

Q: What type of academic and social support is available for St. Monica School students?
A: Academic and social support is provided in a variety of ways at St Monica School.
Some examples of such support:
• Our academic support team assists students in grades 1 - 8 in need of additional reading, math, or writing assistance (as determined by the teachers).
• From a social perspective, the guidance counselor is available to assist individual students with any concerns, in addition to conducting guidance class once per week.
These measures of academic and social support are designed to offer a nurturing atmosphere in which all students can succeed and attain their fullest potential.

Q. What types of extracurricular activities are offered at St. Monica School?
A. Athletic opportunities offered at St. Monica include: Basketball (Boys and Girls), Cross Country, Track and Field and Volleyball (Boys &Girls). Other activities include: Band, Battle of the Books, Chess Club, Engineering for Kids, Forensics, Jr. High Drama Club, Liturgical Music opportunities, Mad Science Brixology, Robotics Club (5th & up), Ski Club and Young Rembrandts.

Q: Is a band program offered at St. Monica School?
A: Yes. All students in 4th – 8th grade are invited to join band regardless of their previous music experience or lack thereof. Some of the band activities include the annual Christmas and Spring concerts, Community Outreach Concert at Bayshore Mall, participation in the UWM Honors Band Festival and solo and ensemble opportunities as the children develop their skills.
For more specifics, interested parents are welcome to speak directly with Mr. Gale Murphy, Band Instructor.

Q: Is St. Monica Parish financially supportive of the school?
A: The St. Monica Parish community offers a generous and consistent level of support to the school. This financial support comes in the form of a pre-determined amount that assists the school in meeting its budgetary needs. The Parish community is truly a partner in helping the schools provide its students with the very best in Catholic education.

Q: Is financial aid available to interested parents?
A: Yes. Each school year, St. Monica Parish generously provides support to parish member families who seek tuition assistance. These dollars are intended to help families provide their children with the finest in Catholic education. The application process is confidential. Applicants must be parish members and must demonstrate a commitment of time and talent to the parish community. For more specifics, please speak with Jenn Cofta, Administrative Assistant at 414-332-3660 X137.

Q: Is there a daily hot lunch program offered at St. Monica School?
A: Yes, a daily hot lunch program is offered at St. Monica School.

Q: Is on-site after-school childcare programming available to interested parents?
A: Yes. Since 2005, St. Monica School has contracted with Milestones, Programs for Children, to provide on-site after-school childcare programming. The Milestones staff has done a fantastic job of preparing this as a fun, relaxing, educational environment.
Milestones programming is offered as a before or after-school option, daily from 7:00am – 6:00pm. Programming is also available on non-school days.
For more information regarding Milestones on-site childcare programming, please contact their direct line at (414) 967-3039.

Q: Is there a waiting list for any grade levels/classes?
A: When classes do reach capacity, a waiting list is established. Families with children in these grade levels may add their name to the wait-list at any time. Recognizing how blessed we are as a school community to have the confidence and trust of so many school families – and thus an expanding enrollment – we do advise prospective families to complete the registration process as soon as possible.

Q: How do I register my child(ren) for St. Monica School?
A: Please see the Admissions Process sheet for a detailed instruction or contact Mrs. Katie Foy, Admissions Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.