learn, live, love through Jesus.


Academically, St. Monica School offers an accelerated curriculum, preparing students to continue their education at top-ranked high schools, colleges and graduate programs. Our learning profiles span several grades to allow for individual development. Teachers embrace all types of learning styles, to ensure individual expression and growth.

Courses at St. Monica are taught in a cross-curricular fashion, with opportunities to integrate information in a variety of types of instruction. This method of teaching hones problem-solving skills, helping our students become critical and competent thinkers, able to analyze data and articulate ideas. At the basis of all instruction is a respect for the development of young Catholic Christians.

Catholic Social Teachings

As a Catholic Institution, we are not only moored in the Social Teachings of the Church, but in passing on the faith tenets of social justice to all students in all subjects. We recognize that Catholic Social teachings reach out beyond our religion classes to the ways that we think and behave in the classsroom, hallways, cafeteria and playground. We use our faith as a perceptual filter in reading literature and writing and reflecting, in studying our own history and the stories of other cultures, in how we revere God's hand in the study of science and the patterns of God's world as shown through a growing understanding of mathematics. Service, an awareness of economic and social justice, a respect for all life and creation, and communal awareness mark us as Catholic in our learning environment.

Additionally, St. Monica School is committed to providing an enriched learning environment for all students. We fulfill this commitment in several ways. We provide general curriculum and cultural enrichment through in-school experiences, including selected tiered content areas, guest speakers and performances, class field trips, etc. as well as after school clubs and recreational experiences.

St. Monica School also offers Academic Support Resources. Click here for more information.