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Dominican Challenge 2017

Five students from each of the Jr. High grade levels participated in the Dominican Challenge at Dominican High School on March 3. 2017.  Each team was to design and market a simple machine. The 8th grade team, consisting of Riley Halpern, David Regan, Mary Mitchell, Christian Cushman and Aidan Phillips, won first place for Best Marketing Presentation.

The challenge was multidisciplinary. Students had to think of running a business, come up with a design, invest, get credit for their project, design logos, make investments, and then present, as well as demonstrate how their design worked.

The seventh grade participants were Jack Naffah, Grace Kachelski, Josie Balistreri, Matthew End and Ben Riley.

The sixth grade participants were Georgea Cushman, Jay Gelhard, Cate Nolan, Jack Regan and Will Mehring.

We are very proud of all of our Jr. High students!!!

8th Grade Academic Challenge cropped