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8th Grade

English/Literature (2)

Monday 10/16: Read your independent reading book! 

Tuesday 10/17: Read your independent reading book! Unit 3 Grammar p. 147 #'s 19-28

Wednesday 10/18: Read your independent reading book! p. 149 #'s 9-24

Thursday 10/19: No School! Read your independent reading book! Grammar p. 152 #'s 16-36

Friday 10/20: No School!  Read your Independent Reading Book!

Algebra Homework


Monday, 10/23  1st Period:  Test in class...no homework

                         2nd Period:  Review lessons 3.1-3.6 for Wednesday's test

Tuesday, 10/24  1st Period:   no homework

                          2nd Period:  Review 3.1-3.6 Test tomorrow

Wednesday, 10/25   1st Period:  no homework

                                2nd Period: Test in class...no homework

Thursday, 10/26   1st Period:  no homework

                             2nd Period:  No homework

 Friday, 10/27     1st Period:   no school/conferences

                          2nd Period:  no school/conferences

Honors Algebra

Homework due for Monday 10/23: pg. 225-227 #52-78 even EC#92

Monday 10/23: Graphing Calculator Activity

                           HW: none

Tuesday 10/24: 3.6 Functions Notes

                   HW: pg. 236-237 #12-38 even, 48-68 even EC#84, 86

Wednesday 10/25: 3.7 Graphing Linear Functions Notes

                   HW: pg. 243-245 #28-44 even, 52, 54

Thursday 10/26: Graphing Calculator Activity

                   HW: none

Friday 10/27: Conferences-No School

                           HW: none


Religion 8

Due Monday: Reflection on 29th Sunday in Ordinary Times; Google Gospel reading 

                   :  Finding God pgs. 27-34


Monday - Thursday in-class: Watching documentary on Oscar Romero and completing packet of questions as watching film.  Discussion questions to be completed at home for home work.  

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