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8th Grade

8th English/Literature (2)

Monday 4/23: Vocabulary Unit 12 work- DUE TOMORROW!!!,  Study for Vocabulary Quiz on Wednesday. Complete TKAM Chapter 22-23 and the corresponding workbook page (p.33-34)

Tuesday 4/24: Vocabulary Unit 12 work Due today; Study for the vocabulary quiz tomorrow!!! Finish TKAM Chapter 24 and the corresponding work in the TKAM workbook (p.34)

Wednesday 4/25: Grammar Packet- finish whatever you did not finish in class; Vocabulary Unit 12 Quiz! Chapter 25-26 and complete the corresponding workbook page (p. 36).

Thursday 4/26: TKAM Chapter 27 (Read aloud in class!)  Complete the corresponding workbook page (p. 37). Prepare for Vocabulary Test!!!

Friday 4/27: Vocabulary Test: Units 10-12; Read Chapter 28 and complete the corresponding workbook page (p. 38).

Algebra Homework

Monday, 4/23  1st Period:   Do 2-24 Evens on Wksht 9.4    Begin review for chapter 9 test.(Monday, April 30) Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!!

                         2nd Period:  Review for tomorrow's Quiz

Tuesday, 4/24 1st Period:   

                          2nd Period:  

Wednesday, 4/25   1st Period:  

                                2nd Period:  

Thursday, 4/26  1st Period:   

                             2nd Period: 

 Friday, 4/27    1st Period:  

                          2nd Period:


Honors Algebra

Homework due for Monday 4/23:  ch. 7 test Monday

Monday 4/23: Ch. 7 Test

                           HW:  none

Tuesday 4/24: Part 2 of test

                   HW: none

Wednesday 4/25:  classwork-appendix E problems

                   HW: finish classwork

Thursday 4/26: 8.1 Notes

                   HW: pg. 497-499 #6-62 every other even, 90, 92, 98 EC#96

Friday 4/27:  8.2 notes

                           HW: pg. 505-506 #2-30 even EC#76


Religion 8  Week of4/23/18


Monday   Watched video on Modern Age  FG Read  Collected last page of Pkt CH17

Tuesday  Begin parts for May Crowning

 WednesdayMay Crowning

Thursday: Finish Ch on Modernism



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