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7th Grade

ELA Homework

Monday, 4/24/17

ITBS begin for all 7th graders:

Please make sure that your 7th grader has had a good night sleep and a healthy breakfast.  

Students  should bring their regular snacks and must have a good book to read during this testing.

No vocabulary this week due to the ITBS

In class while we are not testing, we will be completing the research paper.

Tuesday, 4/25 /17   

Research Paper- self and peer editing this week  We will continue to work on this in class when we are not testing.

Wednesday, 4/26/17

Work day for the Research Paper- same as above.

Thursday, 4/27//17  

Work day for Research Paper - when we are not testing.

Friday, 4/28/17

Today one class will be didicated to completing the research paper.

I will collect any completed research papers from students who have finished theirs.  The other papers will be due on Monday. 






Math Homework

Math Homework for the week of 4/24-4/28:

Homework due for Monday 4/24: none

IOWA TESTING FOR THE NEXT 2 WEEKS (Classwork will be given.  It will be homework if not finished in class that day.)

Monday: none 

Tuesday: classwork is pg. 332-333 #10-30 even, 34, 36, 40 EC#32

Wednesday: none optional worksheet for better grade on pg. 332 assignment

Thursday: none

Friday: none-first Math portion of IOWAs on Monday


4/24/17 MondayActivity on Jesus then and now  These are in class activities due to Iowa Testing.

4/25/17 Tuesday  Parables (Exercise)

4/26/17 Wednesday Parables Continued

4/27/17 Thursday Assignment on Acts

4/28/17 Friday Parts of the mass

Science Homework

Monday 4/10 4-2 worksheet on Blood Vessels

Tuesday 4/11

Wednesday 4/12

Thursday 4/13 No class- 11:30 dismissal

Friday 4/14 No School- Easter Break

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