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7th Grade

7th ELA Homework

Monday, 2/27/17

Grammar- review the last section  Adverb or Adjective 

Research Paper Due Dates:Children will have one class thisweek to work this week.  It is homework.

           Bibiliography and note cards due 3/10

           Thesis due 3/13

           Working outline due 3/16

           Final first draft is due 3/23

Tuesday, 2/28/17

Grammar Unit 4 review for test

Wednesday, 3/01/17

Grammar Unit four review for test

Thursday, 3/02//17

Grammar unit 4 Test



 Friday, 2/24/17

The research paper:

1. The children received a packet that has material they can refer to as they work.alone at home.

2. Some Items that could be helpful to help organize their work are 4x6 lined colored index cards and one color note card for each of the three sections.

    ( Cause, event, and effects)

3. I have asked each student to bring a zip lock bag to  house therir note and bib cards.







Math Homework

Math Homework for the week of 2/27-3/3:

Homework due for Monday 2/27:pg. 222-224 #3, 16-46 even, 50 EC#48; quiz Tuesday

Monday: study for quiz tomorrow on 5.1-5.5

Tuesday: none

Wednesday: none

Thursday:  pg. 229 #22-54 even

Friday: pg. 235-236 #12-34 even, 38 EC#40, 42

7th Grade Science Homework

Monday 2/13 study for test on Wednesday (chapter 2: section 1, 3, and 4)

Tuesday 2/14 no class- service morning

Wednesday 2/15 no homework

Thursday 2/16 work on science fair over mid-winter break

Friday 2/17 no school

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