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6th Grade

Spanish Homework

Due Tuesday, March 20th: Research on Semana Santa (Holy Week) in a Spanish speaking country and record your information on the Culture Sheet that says "Semana Santa". Please come prepared to discuss your findings with the class. Due for HW points. 

Tues., March 27th: 6 Angels: We worked in pairs on the bookstore dialogue on pg. 19 in the Bienvenidos book. 6 Saints: We did a Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday) Spanish wordsearch, as we had a much shorter class due to Reconciliation. 6 Angels and Saints: Review "Cuanto cuesta?"/"Cuanto es?" vocab and Los numeros on pgs. 14, and 16-19 in the Bienvenidos book. 

Thurs., March 29th: Jueves Santo! (Half hour classes) We went over a Semana Santa sheet, explaining each day of Semana Santa en espanol. We did a Domingo de Ramos and Pascua wordsearches and heard the stories of Jesus entering Jerusalen and the last supper en espanol. 

Due Thurs., April 26th: Study for Quiz on Numeros 1-100 and the vocab of "Cuanto es?/Cuanto cuesta?" in the context of paying at restaurantes, buying at marketplaces, etc. Complete your review study sheet for this quiz for HW points. 

Due Tues., May 1st: Leccion 3 worksheet on numbers and prices of food/beverages at restaurants and Currency Culture sheet for homework points and to discuss in class. The review study sheet that we went over in class, before the Numbers Quiz on Thursday.These sheets need to be turned in if you still have these pending. 

 Finish"Destinations and Tourist Attractions" project presentations on Tues., May 29th!! Turn in any pending HW sheets on Tues., May 29th!! 

Due Thurs., May 31st: Review Greetings/Intros and Goodbyes expressions and Numbers 0-100 in Spanish. We will review in class on Tues., May 29th as well for the worksheet. 


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