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6th Grade

Math Homework

Homework for week of 6/5-6/10: 

Homework due for Monday 6/5:wksheet 10.8 (last homework assignment of the year)

Monday:         None for the rest of the school year.

Tuesday:                 Enjoy your summer!

Wednesday:              See you in August!





Religion 6th Grade


5/30/17Tuesday Daniel cont....

5/31/17Wednesday Questions on Daniel during King Darius, add Daniel to study guide

6/01/17  Thursday   Prophet Review                                        "

6/02/17 Friday   No homework  





Science Homework

Monday 5/22 no homework

Tuesday 5/23

Wednesday 5/24 no class- Wax Museum practice

Thursday 5/25 no class- Wax Museum practice

Friday 5/26 no school

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