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6th Grade

English and Literature Homework

Monday, April 23, 2018  Vocabulary Unit 13 due Wednesday.  Correct Pronouns Page.  Indefinite Pronoun Introduction (bookwork due tomorrow).  READ YOUR SPEECH to parents - signature due tomorrow.  Research Repairs due tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 Vocabulary due tomorrow.  Correct Pronouns Page.  Pronouns Review due tomorrow.  

Wednesday, April 25, 2018  Poetry:   Correct Vocabulary.  Speech Chat.   Pronouns Check-In - Test tomorrow!  Bridge to Terabithia Intro

Thursday, April 26, 2018 Pronoun Test. Bridge to Terabithia Intro pages.  Facebook due next week Tuesday.

Friday, April 27, 2018  Vocabulary Quiz.  FaceBook due next week Tuesday.  


Homework due for Monday 4/23:pg. 314-315 #4-38 even, 42 EC#40

Monday 4/23: 7.6 notes

                   HW: pg. 317 #1, 3, 4-36 even, 44 EC#38, 42 

Tuesday 4/24: 4th hour: speaker  7th hour: classwork

                   HW: 4th hour: none   7th hour: finish worksheet

Wednesday 4/25: classwork

                   HW: finish worksheet

Thursday 4/26: 7.7 notes

                         HW: none

Friday 4/27: finish 7.7 notes

                 HW: pg. 320-321 #4-22 even, 26 EC#24


Religion 6  Week of : 4/23/18

Monday: Started Wisdom Books, Read pg 71 and 240   Do handout

Tuesday Finish General information on Wednesday

Wednesday: Book of Job

Thursday Proverbs

 Friday None




Science Homework

Monday- 4/23- If you did not finish the density lab- finish the questions for tomorrow


Wednesday- 4/25


Friday- 4/27






Social Studies Homework

Monday 4/23  We started Chapter 12 Lesson 1 by reading, discussing, and filling in the study guide for pages 362 - 364.  We filled in the top half of the study guide page for lesson 1.  We will continue with the lessson tomorrow.  No homework for the students who were in class today.  

Tuesday 4/24  Finish reading Chapter 12 Lesson 1, if not done in class.  Answer question # 4 on page 368 for homework tonight.

 Wednesday 4/25

Thursday 4/26

Friday 4/27

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