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English and Literature Homework

Monday, Octoer 23rd Subject, Predicate check in, chat. Simple Subject, Predicate introduction -- page 2 due tomorrow.  Creepy Creature poem due tomorrow.  Genius Hour chat.

Tuesday, October 24th  GENIUS HOUR!

Wednesday, October 25th Simple Subject, Predicate check in, chat. Subjects in interrogative and imperative sentences  chat --page 3 due tomorrow.

Thursday, October 26th 11:30 dismissal (no English class)

Friday, October 27th No School!  Enjoy the weekend..



Homework due for Monday 10/23:none

Monday 10/23: 2.4 Notes

                   HW: finish #1 in notes

Tuesday 10/24: finish 2.4

                   HW: pg. 71-72 #3-18 all EC#20

Wednesday 10/25: 2.4 workday; quiz on 2.1-2.4 Tuesday (For real this time)

                   HW: wksheet due Monday

Thursday 10/26: work day

                         HW: finish classwork

Friday 10/27: Conferences-No school

                 HW: none


Science Homework

Monday 10/16- no homework, test next Monday 10/23

Tuesday 10/17- pg. 42-43 chapter review #1-2, 5-7, 9-12, 16-17, 20-22, 24, 26, finish electromagnets lab questions

Wednesday 10/18- finish study guide questions for tomorrow, current events presentations tomorrow

Thursday 10/19- 

Friday 10/20- study for test


Social Studies Homework

Monday 10/23  Page 52 "Reviewing Key Terms" parts A and B (You do not need to write sentences for part A).  Page 53 "Reviewing Skills" #1 and 2.  

Tuesday 10/24 Review for test tomorrow.

Wednesday 10/25  Test Today.

Thursday 10/26  Read 2 Current Event articles.

 Friday 10/27  No Class.

Chapter 2 Test will be Wednesday, October 25th