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Sixth Grade English Homework

Monday, 2/27 Speeches today!

Tuesday, 2/28 Modifier Intro. Adjective packet due tomorrow.

Wednesday, 3/1 Adjectives: Task 2 due tomorrow

Thursday, 3/2  Intro: Adverbs (page one of packet due tomorrow)

Friday, 3/3 Adverbs: finish packet by Monday


Sixth Grade Literature Homework

Monday, 2/27 Vocabulary Unit 10 due Wednesday. Biography SPEECHES today!

Tuesday, 2/28 Book Browse (for book club - our next literature unit!)

Wednesday, 3/1 Correct Vocabulary. No homework

Thursday, 3/2 Book Club: Day One. Fill in packet planning guide. Begin reading (due tomorrow)

Friday, 3/3 Vocabulary Quiz. Book Club Work Day: One pick-a-passage due Monday. 


Math Homework

Homework for week of 2/27-3/3:

Homework due for Monday 2/27:pg. 212-213 #2-9 all, 14-32 even EC#46; quiz Wednesday

Monday:  pg. 212-213 #34-44 even; quiz Wed.

Tuesday: study for quiz tomorrow on 5.1-5.4

Wednesday: none

Thursday: pg. 218-219 #1, 3, 16-36 even, 40-52 even, 56 EC#38, 54

Friday:  pg. 222-223 #2-32 even, 38-46 even EC#36



6th Grade Science Homework

Monday 2/13 study for quiz on Wednesday (speed, velocity, and acceleration) you are responsible to memorize the speed and acceleration formulas

Tuesday 2/14 study for quiz

Wednesday 2/15 no homework

Thursday 2/16 work on science fair over mid-winter break

Friday 2/17 no school