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6th Grade Spanish

Spanish Homework

Due Tues., Oct. 24th: Culture Research Worksheets on Surnames in Spanish and Formal and Informal Greetings. Fill out the info you have found in English on your sheets, and please turn it in. This is if you have it pending!

Due Tues., Oct. 24th: Flag and Country Project. Be ready to present in class!! 

Upcoming: Quiz on the verb Ser present tense conjugations and on Greetings/Intros/Goodbyes vocab from pages 2-7 in the Bienvenidos textbook.  Study from the book and your notes in the notebook!! 

Due Tues., Oct. 24th:  Review the "Como te llamas?" dialogue on page 2, the "Presentaciones" dialogue on page 4, and the "De donde eres?" dialogue on page 5. Review countries and capitals from your sheets and the video. Review the Verb Ser conjugations from your notes.