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6th Grade Spanish

Spanish Homework

Due Thurs., April 27th: Leccion 4 Una Cita worksheet from worksheets packet (Lesson 4 An Appointment) about telling time and asking and answering at what time an event takes place. Use pages 20 and 21 in the book to help you with the vocab. Remember to write out the numbers in words in Spanish. Also remember to do the Culture Worksheet about how Holy Week is celebrated in Spain or in any other Spanish speaking country. For this worksheet you have to research, and the instructions are in English and you answer in English. 

Due Tues., May 2nd: Worksheets (3) on Expressing Time in Spanish.

Due Tues., May 2nd: Quiz on Telling Time. Study pages 20-22 in the book and the study sheets and homework worksheets on Telling Time.