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Social Studies Homework

Monday 4/24  There is no homework for students who were in class today.  For those that were absent, they need to read pages 362-364 and fill in the top of the study guide for Chapter 12, Lesson 1.

Tuesday 4/25  There is no homework for the students who were in class today.  For those who were absent, please choose to read either about citizen families or noncitizens and fill in the 2 appropriate sections on the chart in the study guide.  For example, if you choose to read about noncitizens on page 367, then you fill in the chart for metics and slaves.

Wednesday 4/26  On a separate piece of paper, answer question number 4 on page 368.

Thursday 4/27 None

Friday 4/28  None

The Chapter 12 Test will be on May 10th and 11th.